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 Basic Trade Forum Guidelines

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PostSubject: Basic Trade Forum Guidelines   Wed Sep 10, 2008 9:46 am

1. Offering accounts, resources, attacks etc, for real money is absolutly forbidden.

2. Co-ordinates may be shown at '100 System level' only. For example, if you were trading from 1:256:9 you could show your approximate location as 1:2xx:x.

3. Traders must specify the quantities they wish to trade. If a moonchance, the percentage must be stated.

4. On completion of a trade the topic creator should post 'please close' in the topic. A PM to a mod is not necessary.

5. All trade topics will be closed after two weeks on the board.

6. Trades may be bumped after one week. Doing so before this will result in the thread being closed and a warning will be issued. The only exception to this is where a trade has been partially completed although see rule 7).

7. Open ended trade topics will be closed. If you have new goods to trade you should create a new topic.

8. This is the trade board not the charity board. No begging allowed.

9. Please remember! All trades that are arranged on the boards are not forced rules by the staff. All trades should be done at your own risk, this is a preexisting rule.

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Basic Trade Forum Guidelines
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